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Surgery And Urology

Facilities Available

1.      All types of surgical procedures (Major / Minor)
2.      Management of all types of burn cases
3.     Gastroscopy, Endoscopy for duodenum and Esophagus and management of Gastric and duodenum ulcer
4.      Colonoscope / Sigmoidscopy / Protoscopy / Anascopy
5.      Treatment of Haemorrhoids with advanced Infra red coagulation in addition to use Cryo method, Stappler methods and Chinees injections, all types of surgical procedures.
6.      Management and Surgery for all types of Breast disease
7.      Circumcision by most advanced method.
1.      Management of all types of Kidney diseases and Kidney stones and bladder stones
2.      Management of Primary and Secondary infertility
3.      Management of all Sexually Transmitted Diseases
4.   Cytoscopy and Catheterization