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Facilities Available
  • Vision correction and ocular pressure checking
  • Corneal and conjunctival foreign body removal
  • Surgery done for chalazion, stye and Hordeolum Internum
  • Contact lens provided for Kertoconus and Astigmatism
  • Cosmetic colour lens for corneal opacification
  • Prevention and treatment for Dry Eyes
  • Treatment for Trachiasis by Epilation
  • Treatment for all kind of ocular infections and inflammations
  • Treatment for Eyelid palsy
  • Surgery done for Naso lacrimal block
  • Fixing Punctum Plugs for Xerophthalmia
  • Treatment for Diabetic Retinopathy
  • Treatment by spectacles / for squint eye
  • Eye exercises for healthy eye
  • Treatment for Trachoma, Uveitis, Iritis, Herpes, Simplex Keratitis
  • Treatment for corneal ulcers due to misuse of contact lens
  • Treatment for Amblyopic Eye