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Gynaecology & Obstetrics
  1. Antenatal Care and Follow-up for low risk and high risk Pregnancy
  2. Full routine blood tests checkup for pregnant women to exclude any pregnancy complication
  3. Full detailed 4D Ultrasound for early detection of congenital abnormalities.
  4. Management of infertility cases by full hormonal blood tests and ovarian stimulation with ultrasound measurement of follicle size
  5. Screening and early detection of breast cancer
  6. Screening and early detection of cervical cancer
  7. Management of all types of menstrual irregularities.
  8. Fertility control including intra uterine contraceptive device.
  9. Minor surgical procedures including posterior vaginal repair, excision of bartholine cyst, cervical and vulval cauterization for vulval wart.